What Are The Most Common Orders in Forex Trading?

What Are The Most Common Orders in Forex Trading?

Which one works better, stop order, or limit order? Many traders differentiate these two and simply choose any of these without realizing its actual purpose. You may get confused with these two if you lack knowledge before entering the market. Because of that, you end up entering the wrong path or wrong direction. So, what are the different types of orders in the Forex market?

Different Types of Orders

Market Order

The first and considered as the basic order is the market order. It communicates your likes in entering the market depending on the market price. There are also no restrictions in the market order and offers few limitations that get filled up.

Most of the time, market orders work great together with low market volatility periods. If the Forex market has very high volatility and liquidity, the price could move even before the order gets placed. Another thing to remember is that market orders must not be used during the closing or opening of the Forex day since these periods are considered the most volatile periods.

Limit Orders

This type of order is known to be the next most common type of order in the market nowadays. A limit order is responsible for communicating your likes to purchase with the market price that is below the normal range. Think of this as getting a bargain. However, one important consideration when it comes to using limit orders is your decision in getting filled. If you think that the market is going inactive then this is the perfect time to make limited orders.

But if you are looking for an exit after your trades go against you, this type of order might be harmful to you. You should also not use this limit order if you are interested in entering a position right before the Forex market goes off a limit order.

Stop Orders

Finally, last but not least is the stop orders. This type of order is also frequently used in Forex and it is somewhat complex especially for beginners or those swing traders. But if you are truly dedicated to becoming a swing trader then you should learn more about this type of order.

A stop order is another type of order in the Forex market in which you buy with a predetermined price above the latest market price while selling it at a predetermined price much lower than that of the current price in the market. Through the help of stop orders, it protects the long positions that you have from the fast and sharp movements of the market.

Another famous use of this order is when entering a long position right above the market price while entering short positions just below the market price. The only downside of this order is that no guarantee is given that the stop price can be rightfully filled. By the time the market trades, the stop order will become the market order. If this happens, your order will then get filled with prices above the long entry order or below the stop order.

Why Is It Important To Use Regulated Forex Brokers?

Why Is It Important To Use Regulated Forex Brokers?

The Forex market is considered the most liquid market all over the world with more than $5.3 billion being traded every single day. This is such good news for those people who are trying to profit out of the currency fluctuations. Amidst all these profits in mind, have you ever thought of the security of the brokerage options you are in, or the ones whom you are about to hire? Are they capable of securing your money? Or are you merely placing your capital at risk?

Every day, thousands of FX brokers and trading software from IRESS sprout every single day. Despite this huge number, they are never going to be out of options. Sooner or later, you will find the broker that will perfectly meet your needs and suit your lifestyle. But the battle as to who’s the best brokerage can be so tough.

If you have seen adverts about FX trading saying that you will become filthy rich in no time, then you most likely got the wrong idea about it. Unfortunately, only about 5-10% of traders succeed in FX and the rest were just incapable of dominating the market. But if you hire a regulated FX broker, your chances of attaining your dreams to become successful in trading will become high.

But there are a lot of unregulated FX brokers nowadays and they are not trustworthy. In fact, only 5% of the overall number of FX brokers are regulated by their country’s regulatory body. This means that the other percentage never gets subjected to monitoring and might not be following the right regulations. In this case, if you joined these brokers, your capital is in trouble.

What are the risks of unregulated FX brokers?

The biggest risk that you can encounter, aside from not using IRESS trading tools, if you use those unregulated FX brokers is that chance to get into illegal activities. If you become a victim of these brokers, you will never be going to get your funds back no matter where you ask for help. Several countries even step up the security of investors to protect them against unscrupulous activities.

Just like in the US, following the series of fraudulent claims from 2001 to 2008, the CFTC created a task force that will deal with unregulated and illegal brokers. This move is to shield those retail traders from all forms of questionable practices.

Other countries around the world also took several measures to protect their traders and investors against these illegal brokers. A certain requirement has to be met by brokers to be able to get regulatory permits. The requirement needed to acquire their permits varies from one country to another.

Forex broker regulation is critical so it can serve its purpose right. One of the reasons why FX regulation is vital is the fact that it guarantees the right and moral values among brokers. Those brokers who get regulated need to comply with several rules and standards so they can keep up with the regulatory body. If they choose not to follow, they get subjected to fines and penalties or worst, closure of their business.

Reasons for the demand of Non-Woven Bag Making Machine

As polythene bags are banned, and due to people's awareness, non woven bags create a huge demand in the market. The non woven bags making machine is used to produce non woven bags with a strong and eco-friendly process. Even the production capacity of the machine is considerably high, and therefore, this industry is favoured. 

Benefits of Non Woven Bags Machine

Here are few benefits of operating a non woven bags machine. 

● Simple to Operate

The non woven bags making machines are convenient to use with simple operation. This is considered as one of the advantages of using this machine. No special skill or training is required to operate this machine.

Processing Quality

The machine is easy to use, and the edges are sealed. Therefore, it does not crack, or the cloth does not get damaged. The quality of the non woven bags is durable. 

Processing Time

The non woven machines are 5 to 6 times faster compared to traditional machines. The operations can be carried out faster and continuously.

Saves Resources

The non woven bag making machines protect the environment with less or no wastage. Therefore, it saves resources and keeps the environment harmless.

Labour Cost

The machine comes with special features with the entire production process with minimal labour. Therefore, the labour cost is reduced compared to the traditional method. Even the cost of production is reduced.

Power Consumption

Operating the machines consume less power. This is an important benefit of using this machine as it saves some money in bag production.

Reasons for the Demand

The non woven bags are smooth and soft.

● They provide good storage and protect the items placed inside.

● They are air-permeable. 

● They can be reused many times.

● The polypropylene used in non woven bags is valued for resisting fire and water. 

● These bags are hypoallergic, and therefore, one can use them for more than 5 years.

Different shapes and specifications can be manufactured with non woven bags such as pillow bags, vest bags, gift bags, flat pockets, and many more. The advantages of such bags are they are manufactured without PVC coating and can be burnt without toxic contamination. These bags have a higher profit ratio as compared with polyester bags. 

5 Things To Keep In Mind To Avoid Performance Anxiety in Forex Trading

5 Things To Keep In Mind To Avoid Performance Anxiety in Forex Trading

Being overly conscious with your trades? Is it affecting your performance in the market in a negative way? If you are experiencing these things nowadays, then you are in the classic stage of Forex Trading in which fright compromises your performance.

What is Performance anxiety in Forex trading?

It becomes too conscious with every detail of your trades until you reach a point wherein everything becomes subject to criticism. As Forex traders, you are continuously feeling pressure to make profits especially if the rest of your pals are already having the highs of trading. When you get pressured, you start to lose the importance of risk management or the benefits of always sticking to the trading plan that you’ve created. To overcome these things, you can follow these trading tips.


There is no perfect trade.

Dr. Brett Steenbarger, a trading psychologist once said that perfectionism is the most common source of performance anxiety in trading. When a trader starts to get preoccupied with making the best entry and exit point or never losing any trades results to complete disappointment towards themselves whenever they fail to meet their designated goals.

But the truth is, there is no perfect trade. Loses will be inevitable. Remind yourself that the market isn’t on your side all the time. That’s why there’s a risk management plan that you can use to prevent acquiring too many losses.

Do not focus only on the profit but on the process too.

To forget that there is no perfect trade can appear negatively to others. It can be misunderstood as a lack of ambition. If you also think the same, it is better if you will set goals that are based not on the profit but on the process involved.

Increasing your risks should be one step at a time.

Suddenly increasing your position size promotes trading anxiety. These circumstances happen whenever a trader gains confidence in his trading style. Then, he decides to put more money without thinking about the possible outcome if they lose on their trades. You can avoid stress if you gradually increase your risks instead of tripling them in one go.

Give yourself the time to step away from the screen.

Trading indeed requires so much time and attention. However, you shouldn’t let trading eat you up. Overtrading results in performance anxiety and blinds you from thinking straight.

To avoid such things from happening, you should step away from the screen upon reaching a specific trading loss. There’s still tomorrow. You can trade again after breathing some fresh air.

Get a life away from trading.

You cannot let your life revolve around Forex trading only. Because whenever the market goes sour, you will feel as though your life is collapsing too. In this case, those traders who are trading for a living become more subjected to performance anxiety.

As they say, you cannot put all the eggs in one basket because if you do, you will only stress yourself out. Find something that will entertain you. It can be a hobby or sports that keep your adrenaline pumping.

Forex Trading and MetaTrader 4 – Do They Work Great Together?

Forex Trading and MetaTrader 4 – Do They Work Great Together?

Knowing the most rated Forex brokers is very important because it helps you set a line on which broker to choose and which one you should stay away from. It is also important for traders to choose a Forex broker that offers a reputable trading platform, who’s been in the industry for a long time. In this case, MT4 is the best option to take. MetaTrader 4 or simply known as MT4, was created by MetaQuotes Software and was made available to the public in 2005.


MT4 is a trading platform that is mainly created for Forex Trading and CFD trading. For many years, many Forex brokers have adopted the use of this trading platform particularly due to the demand of their clients. One very remarkable thing about MT4 is its interface. This trading platform is very user-friendly and it promotes ease of access for traders, especially those newbies. Forex traders, newbies, and experienced ones find this trading platform very easy to understand and navigate.

Therefore, it is very important to know the trading platform offered by your broker before you get some business with them. We have listed down the top 5 forex brokers that offer MT4 trading platforms to their clients.


This Forex broker offers high floating leverage and also showcases fast execution.

Fp markets

Fp markets have leverage that goes up to 1:500.


Another reputable Forex broker, AvaTrade is known to be highly regulated and offers choices of fixed or floating spreads.


Pepperstone offers remarkable ECN execution on its MT4 trading platform.


This Forex broker has a fascinating ECN trading environment offering hedging and scalping options.

MetaTrader 4 and Forex Trading

Going for MT4 as your trading platform when trading Forex is a very good choice. Now, if you are worried about finding brokers who can offer you this trading platform, then you are just worrying too much. This is because there are now a huge number of Forex brokers offering MT4, making it a lot easier to find a suitable broker for you. Even though MetaQuotes released this trading platform for so many years, its name is still the most sought after trading platform for Forex trading.

Because of the popularity of MT4, it is sometimes referred to as the standard trading platform both for retail forex traders and CFD traders. It is hugely popular probably because it is easy to use and also offers a go-to trading, a feature that allows the trader to trade on their mobile phones and tablets, wherever they are.

Meanwhile, this trading platform is known to be very reliable, easy to trade, and very intuitive as well. Forex brokers need to have a reliable trading platform that they can use to encourage people to trust their services. Nonetheless, offering the MetaTrader 4 trading platform is an added advantage on the broker’s side. Aside from the trading platform, it is also important to remember that the trading plan and strategies you use in trading Forex are also the key factors to achieving success in your trading career.