Sharpen your skills with ICF mentor coaching to become professional video maker

If you are in the sphere of marketing then you must be aware of the term “mentor”. If you are new to the word, a mentor is an individual who will guide an inexperienced or less experienced person in the particular field and will build trust and confidence. A mentor or a mentor coaching program will understand the shortcomings of the mentee and accordingly tuned in to teach, engage, and guide the trained through appropriate steps. The mentee can certainly depend on the coaching skills of the mentor and expect to become an expert like the coach.

What role a mentor plays in converting mentee in to expert?
A mentor will share his/her knowledge, resources and advice with the mentee depending on the goals of a particular mentoring engagement. The mentor will share experience that was gained through years, and guide the mentee with strategies. The mentor will also motivate the student and provide emotional support and act as a role model. A good mentor will share his knowledge, knowledge and expertise with the mentee and will be always willing to teach. The mentor will intervene when you make mistakes and correct them so you don’t repeat them.

Can mentor coaching be availed online?
Yes, mentor coaching can be availed online from expert coaches who coach business coaches. The coaching will be in video format and loaded online to be downloaded by a mentee. The video will be comprehensive in all department of video making and will address every step that is related to film making in the professional way. There is a hgue difference between amateurish videography and professional, and the ICF mentor coaching aims to bring the professionalism in you. The video can be self tutoring or interactive with the mentor and either way it will be easy for you to follow and learn.

Benefits of online coaching on video making
  • You don’t need to engage a coach or mentor in person as it will be a costly decision
  • Not everyone can afford a personal trainer such as a video coach or mentor
  • The video will be always there to guide you and show the tricks of the professional video making. You can refer it as many time as you like which may not be possible with a coaching class.
  • You can learn the art of professional video making in a laid back way. The video being available online can be watched anytime of the day or night. You can also fix schedules of your daily routine accordingly and follow.
  • You can undergo training with utmost privacy as you will be learning the art under your own roof and in your drawing or living room sitting in front of a PC or smartphone.
ICF mentor coaching is provided online by Rene Estes, renowned mentor and coach for business coaches. She is well traveled and well experienced in the art of making professional videos made for commercial promotion. You can contact her on phone number 970-825-4387.

Eat at the Best Veg restaurant in West Singapore to get authentic Indian food and taste

Indian food is famous for its spicy taste and variety. India as a country is diverse in culture and the food served here smacks with the flavor of different ethnicity. Whether you are in India or somewhere else you will always find Indian cuisine being served by some restaurants and Singapore is no exception to that. India is predominantly vegetarian hence it is obvious that vegetarian dishes will occupy major portion of a restaurant menu. The best veg restaurant in West Singapore will serve a bouquet of vegetarian dishes that are the most sought after in India as well as abroad.

Huge variety of Indian dishes
If you are living in Singapore it is apparent that you must know quite a few restaurants that serve Indian vegetarian food. It is also possible that you had visited some of them and tasted the food items served in those restaurants. There are certain common Indian recipes that the Indian restaurants in general serve to its customers and they would come from the most popular cultural mixture of south Indian, Punjabi, Gujarati and Mughlai food. On the vegetarian front you will a have a Punjabi Thali consisting of assortment of Tandoori Roti, Butter Naan,  Makhni Daal, Vegetables, Roti Or Chapatti, Papad, Chutneys, Raita, Pickles, Salad etc. if it is a south Indian meal you will have Rice, Sambar, Rasam, Curd, Butter Milk, Pickles, Papad And Sweet Dish.  The Punjabi snacks will include Chole Bhature, Chole Kulche, Channa Masala, Lassi, Gol Gappa etc. These are purely vegetarian fare and the non-vegetarian restaurants serve a different set of dishes that are a mixture of Indian cultural and continental.

Refer online directories to find best Indian restaurant
If you have just arrived in Singapore and is aching to get belly full of vegetarian food, you must find the best Indian restaurant in Singapore. Anything less than that will not serve the purpose so make sure that you find the best. Most of the Indian restaurants are found in the Indian dominated localities of West Singapore so you can use a local directory to find them. It is also easy to find these restaurants on the internet and your smartphone will come to the fore when you want to search them. There are always the review sites that that rank the separates the best from the mediocre so you can rely on these sites to point to the right direction.

Food that tastes and smells Indian
The best veg restaurant in West Singapore is not graded because it serves the best vegetarian dishes on this side of Asia, but also because of attributes like ambience, interior, service and clientele. There is no doubt that the cuisine served in the vegetarian restaurants is actually vegetarian and also absolutely organic. If you are a first timer you may get a few surprises in the menu and taste and also a comfort that you have finally managed to eat the best vegetarian food available in Singapore. The south Indian restaurants in West Singapore serve the best vegetarian food that is easy on stomach and authentic in taste.

Visit website to find the best Indian vegetarian food menu. 

Facts to Know about International Surety Bonds

All the industries that involve working on huge projects with huge monetary investments need a surety bond. Surety bonds are a legal assurance against any kind of risk that might, later on, result in incurring huge losses for the investor also called as an obligee. Both the rights and the interest of the obligee can be reclaimed through the bond if the contractor fails to uphold the specified conditions or is unable to complete the given task on time. The surety contracts that are signed are only valid till all the conditions have been met and till the time the project is on. After the fulfillment of the contract, it becomes nullified and cannot be used further by any of the parties. Businesses which are flourishing internationally needs assistance from international surety bonds Florida.

What is International Surety Bonds?
International surety bonds Florida ensures that you can take up projects globally. It assists you to spread your business to the far niches of the world and to gain a hold in the global market. The surety bonds ensure that your contract is totally in accordance with all the rules and regulations of that regions and it also allows you take up work there even if your business is not from around the local area. The bond that gives you exposure to the global market has some certain aspects that you need to know before you venture out on the adventure.

Important Facts
Here are some facts about international surety bonds Florida that will help you to get a better grasp on the matter. 

• International surety bonds can only be made by companies which are authorized to deal with contracts made according to the international laws. The company and the attorneys are qualified to deal with the making of such surety bonds. 

• Have an international surety bond makes you have jobs on the global market. Most multinational companies have international surety bonds signed before it ventures into the global market.

• The contractor has to go through in-depth scrutiny and also has to have a good reputation with the previous work experiences and the bank to get an international surety bond. 

• You also need to fulfill the criteria of meeting all the obligations and having a strong financial backup before you are issued an international surety bond.

• The bonds ensure that the contractor gets only bonded projects as non-bonded projects are not included in the surety bond. Also, the bonded project ensure that the contractor completes it within the given time frame. 

• It not only increases opportunity but also ensures that the related parties are paid on time and all matters are solved legally. 

• It is also essential that you yourself are aware of the laws of the place you are taking up the work in as the regulations differ from country to country. 

• International surety bonds are only signed when you qualify all the above-mentioned points and are also able to lead a professional communication with your client. 

Going international with the help of bonds has many perks that will help you to grow in the business further.

Prevention measures for back pain

Suffering from back pain and thinking about how to reduce it? Well, the best tip for a healthy life is reducing stress and leading a peaceful life. Apart from being stress-free, in order to get rid of the unwanted back pain in west palm beach, you need to ensure that you avoid strains on your back and have a strong and supple back. In this article, we will deal with the ideas which can help you to reduce the amounts of your back pain. 

Lose excess weight
It is important to lose the excess weight so that your body weight suits to the body mass index. You can make use of BMI calculator to find out if your weight is in correct proportion with your height or not. If you are overweight, it is recommended to lose the excess of it so that the strain on your back gets decreased relieving you from your back pain.

Wear proper shoes
People suffering from back pain are recommended to wear flat shoes having cushioned and comfortable soles. It is because cushioned soles reduce the amount of stock which is sent from the ankle to the spinal cord, hence reducing the stress on your back.

Avoid sudden movements
If you suffering from back pain, it is directed by the doctors of back pain in west palm to ensure that you do not take too much of sudden shift or steps because a bit can cause muscle strain and cramps increasing the pain on your back. 

Maintain a healthy posture
Body postures are an important thing which you need to check. The way how you sit, stand, walk or lie down puts in a great impact on your back and its pain. Well, coming to the idea of posture, here are a few tips which you should follow: 

• The posture of Standing: When you are standing, you need to ensure that your body is upright, head facing forward with your back is kept straight.  It is directed by the experts of back pain in the west palm that while you stand, your weight should be equally balanced on both your feet evenly and the legs are kept absolutely straight without bending it at the knees.

• The posture of sitting: You need to sit in an upright posture. You can keep something to support your back. The knees and the hips should in proper level and you are required to keep your feet on a flat or an even surface. Usually, people make use of small cushions to support their back (small region) to sit back straight and keep away the risks of back pain. While using desktops, you need to make sure that your elbow lies at an angle of 90°.

• The posture of driving: When driving, you should make sure that your lower back is supported and the wing mirrors are at proper angles so that you do not require to turn back too much. 

Do regular exercise
It is important to do regulator exercises and stretches to keep the body free and flexible. However, if you suffering from chronic back pain, before starting up with exercises, you should recommend your doctor once. 

Apart from all these major points, you need to take good care of yourself while lifting and handling heavy objects. It is because lifting and handling objects with correct posture can help you to keep away back pain.

How Do Hospitality Uniforms Bring In Integration And Discipline?

There persists a forever debate whether the introduction of uniforms in the work field is useful or not. Uniforms are relevant in various fields, especially in the hospitality sector. Once you visit a hotel, you are welcomed by an attendant in uniform and psychologically speaking that is said to have a positive impact on the guests.

Yet, there can be a ton of more reasons for the hospitality sector to mandate uniforms. It is an essential part of shaping the character of an individual, be it by creating better morals or by being more disciplined and this is how it does – 

A sense of belonging
Uniform means to be alike. Hence when in a sector or division or even in a workplace introduces the concept of uniforms it is said to make the specific individual feel a sense of belonging. As everyone around is designated to wear their specific uniforms, you working in civil clothes might actually rapture your self-confidence. Hence once you feel a sense of belonging it boosts your morale and enhances your integrity.

Another important factor that changes your behavior for good is that wearing a hospitality uniform brings in a sense of equality. Irrespective of what your status is in the world once you enter your workplace they exist practically no difference with your workmates and that is an important step towards gaining more integrity. Equality does also teach you to be more down to earth and be grounded which develops your characters and makes you more disciplined personnel.

Avoiding Conflicts
Conflicts are a common term that takes place almost everywhere. Being engaged in more conflicts in your workplace isn’t a good thing and might cause you trouble in the reputation of yourself. While sporting your uniform in the hospitality sector you are frequently reminded of where you stand and that helps to stay away from conflicts and engage in better work which helps you to uphold your integrity. Hence a hospitality uniform acts as a constant reminder of where you which ultimately helps you to be more disciplined. 

Your character is sure to improve once you understand that your hospitality uniform is much more than clothing wear. It acts as a mean of identification in the public realm which gives birth to a sense of feeling that you are bearing the reputation of your workplace as well. This factor is expected to stir and help you in the process of building up a better character and also in increasing your morals. Hence uniforms have a direct connection to your goodwill.

Better Performance 
Well-Disciplined personnel is sure to have an impact in the lives of the customers you are to deal with on a daily basis. A proper uniform makes you feel a lot more confident and boosts your moral for good which helps you to achieve a better performance rate. This results in being more motivated and delivering better performances.