Exploring the New Orlando Attractions While Staying Amidst Comfort and Luxury

Orlando is a land of magical attractions which has something for everyone- be it a child of 4 or someone in his 70s! It is not only about the Disneyland though that is what draws a majority of visitors. Apart from families visiting with kids and those driven by wanderlust, Orlando has attractions even for those living tight packed schedules and dealing with businesses worth millions. 

The newer attractions of Orlando that have come up are ideal for business travelers and there are a few still in the making. To enjoy such attractions and your stay in the region, pick from the right Executive villas Orlando.

Explore the newer attractions in Orlando
Do not miss out exploring the amazing and meticulously built Toy Story Land.  You may feel like you are a Lilliput while gaping at the real life like statues of Sheriff Woody and Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl. Toy Story Land has a couple of new rides- namely Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers though the Toy Story Mania! It’s a big crowd puller too. 

Explore the new movie attractions 
The fans of the famous Fast & Furious franchise will feel at home exploring Fast & Furious supercharged.  The authentic replicas of the cars used in the film series will make you awestruck. The ride is as wild as it can be! 

You will love experiencing the Universal Studios Florida’s tribute to some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters. These come in form of nighttime spectacular’s mix of light, water and music. You will see elements picked from franchises like the Jurassic Park, Despicable Me and obviously the Fast & Furious.

To relax at the end of the day post exploration of all these attractions, you need to book the right accommodation. That is where the Executive villas Orlando come into picture. These villas offer privacy and amenities together.

The Sea world Parks and entertainment attractions await you
There are some new attractions at the much loved Sea World Orlando too. The Infinity Falls will make you gasping for breath as you blast down a simulated jungle river and then explore the ruins of some ancient civilization. This ends with a waterfall drop from a height of 40 feet. 

At Aquatica Orlando, you can enjoy the new ride Ray rush. There are 3-in 1 distinct slide elements in it. A raft boarding is followed by a trip through enclosed tubes and a 60 fete open air tall half pipe looking like manta ray’s wings. 

There are much more to explore
Literally, you will find something new At Orlando every time you visit the region! TheGreat LEGO Race is for the Lego lovers, as is clear from the name and you can use VR headsets too. If you want to look beyond the crowded theme parks of Orlando, head to the stunning Orlando StarFlyer. A 450-foot-tall swing ride is located at ICON Park. It is easy on the wallet too. 

Ensure you look for Executive villas Orlando which are not far from these rides to save time and traveling cost. 

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