Hand sanitizer Facts: Debunking myths

Hand sanitizer Facts: Debunking myths
The popularity of hand sanitizers is simply astounding over the past few yearsbecause most of the people are using them to stay hygienic, clean, and protected. You can find a wide range of hand sanitizers from the hand sanitizer manufacturers Dubai and other countries. But as the popularity has grown, there are some concerns about these products that you can’t ignore. There are some myths and misconceptions about these products which need to be debunked so that everyone can know what hand sanitizers are and how they can help you to stay healthy and safe.

 Myth 1: Hand sanitizers can only be used when soap and water are not available.
In reality, both the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) have mentioned that everyone should use hand sanitizer to clean their hands from the lethal germs. As per the WHO, hand sanitizers are more effective and kill many germs as compared to soap and water. Moreover, they are easier on the skin and never dry your skin like soap and water.

Myth 2: Hand sanitizers are very infallible and protect you from spreading contagious diseases including cold and flu.
Though hand sanitizers are very effective and kill nearly 60 per cent of flu viruses, still, many people can get affected by flu from airborne agents. You can stay clean and germ-free while using hand sanitizer, still, you can catch the viruses of flu. Hand sanitizers are more effective against gastrointestinal diseases.

Myth 3: washing hands with hand sanitizer can lead to dry hands
This is another popular myth of hand sanitizer that you should be considered. Most of the sanitizers contain emollients which reduce irritation and soothing the skin and thus, they protect your hand. The World Health Organization (WHO) always recommends using alcohol-based hand sanitizers which are less harsh on your skin as compared to soap and water. A research was conducted by a group of researchers from Brown University and they claimed that hand sanitizers moisturize your hands and they don’t make your hands dry or parched.

Myth 4: All hand sanitizers are the same
There are different types of sanitizers are available in the market and not all of them are equal. There are mainly two types of sanitizers and they are alcohol-free and alcohol-based sanitizers. Though alcohol-free sanitizers will not dry your hands, still, they are not effective against all the germs (especially unknown germs). On the other hand, alcohol-based sanitizers are safe and quite effective on the germs when used properly. The World Health Organization always recommends using sanitizers which contain at least 60 per cent of alcohol concentration.

Myth 5: Hand sanitizers can only be used by the health care facility
Hand sanitizers are for all. Anyone should use them to stay healthy and protected against the germs. They are not only made for the physicians or nurses, but anyone in the offices, schools, or the cafeteria should use these products with proper instructions.

The above, we mentioned some myths and the actual facts of hand sanitizers that you should know before making your final decision. Everyone should use these hand sanitizers to stay healthy, fit, and protected against the germs. Many hand sanitizers manufacturers Dubaiand other countries are embracing the customers with an array of products.