Reasons for the demand of Non-Woven Bag Making Machine

As polythene bags are banned, and due to people's awareness, non woven bags create a huge demand in the market. The non woven bags making machine is used to produce non woven bags with a strong and eco-friendly process. Even the production capacity of the machine is considerably high, and therefore, this industry is favoured. 

Benefits of Non Woven Bags Machine

Here are few benefits of operating a non woven bags machine. 

● Simple to Operate

The non woven bags making machines are convenient to use with simple operation. This is considered as one of the advantages of using this machine. No special skill or training is required to operate this machine.

Processing Quality

The machine is easy to use, and the edges are sealed. Therefore, it does not crack, or the cloth does not get damaged. The quality of the non woven bags is durable. 

Processing Time

The non woven machines are 5 to 6 times faster compared to traditional machines. The operations can be carried out faster and continuously.

Saves Resources

The non woven bag making machines protect the environment with less or no wastage. Therefore, it saves resources and keeps the environment harmless.

Labour Cost

The machine comes with special features with the entire production process with minimal labour. Therefore, the labour cost is reduced compared to the traditional method. Even the cost of production is reduced.

Power Consumption

Operating the machines consume less power. This is an important benefit of using this machine as it saves some money in bag production.

Reasons for the Demand

The non woven bags are smooth and soft.

● They provide good storage and protect the items placed inside.

● They are air-permeable. 

● They can be reused many times.

● The polypropylene used in non woven bags is valued for resisting fire and water. 

● These bags are hypoallergic, and therefore, one can use them for more than 5 years.

Different shapes and specifications can be manufactured with non woven bags such as pillow bags, vest bags, gift bags, flat pockets, and many more. The advantages of such bags are they are manufactured without PVC coating and can be burnt without toxic contamination. These bags have a higher profit ratio as compared with polyester bags.