10 Tips to get Followers on Pinterest

It wasn’t that long ago that there was a big fuss about Pinterest because some little metric watcher noticed that Pinterest was mostly populated by women. Over 90% of the profiles were female, which lead to a subsequent big push by online advertisers to appeal to the female audience on Pinterest. The fact is that most of the social media networks (with the noted exception of LinkedIn and YouTube) are made up of mostly women. In other words, your first tip before reading this list may be that you should try to appealing more to women. Here are ten tips in no particular order to get more Pinterest followers.

1 – Make your followers happy first and promote second

You should find a reason for people to look at your Pinterest account first, and then weave your marketing ideas into your profile. Do not start with the idea of marketing and promotion–those ideas should come later when you have your followers and they are ripe to hear what you want to say. Come up with something that is going to draw people in so that they want to visit and then concentrate on pleasing your followers. If all you do is promote then people will ignore you.

2 – Share as much as you can

Share your pins and the things on your pins so that people recognize them when they come across them. It cannot hurt to share the pictures you have pinned on other websites and try to get them on the Google images tool results too.

3 – Link up with, cross link and cross promote with other social media networks

You should be doing this anyway because there are a lot of people who have more than one type of best social media profile, so do all you can to get people from one social media network to another.

4 – Promote some of your particularly good boards

If you have spent a lot of time on a board and its looks very good then you should promote it. If you promote too often then you are lost in the white noise of your own over-promotion, but do it when you have a very good board and people may pay attention.

5 – Ask your friends to promote your Pinterest boards in return for promoting theirs

This is a cute idea that a lot of people do and if your friends have Pinterest profiles as popular as yours then it is mutually beneficial.

6 – Watch what your competitors do and steal their ideas

Business persons make the mistake of thinking their target audience knows the competition as well as they do, but this is simply not true. Most of the time if you steal an idea from the Pinterest board of your competitor then there are people who will think you came up with it first.

7 – Guest post on other peoples Pinterest boards
This is not as common as it sounds, but it is a nice and inoffensive way to grab a few followers from other popular Pinterest users. You just have to find a way to convince the other Pinterest member to allow you to post.

8 – Add a comment onto popular pins

Make it a good or a meaningful comment and not just a piece of attention seeking spam.

9 – Add in a Profile Widget

You can put this on your website. It is a widget that can show as many as 30 of your most recent pins. This widget is really for the people who are very confident with the quality of their pins to the point where they know that people will start to follow if they see them. There are also advertising benefits too, such as if you are running a particularly good campaign on Pinterest you can show off your work to the people on your website too.

10 – Add in a Pinterest follow button

This is known as a “pin” button and it is a widget that you can attach to your images or pages on your website. It is also a button that may be used to have people follow your Pinterest profile. It can be highly effective if you have a high traffic website and it can be very effective if you are lucky enough to have a traffic source that is already signed in to Pinterest. The same is true for all the social media networks, where if a person is already signed in to that particular network then they are far more likely to use the widgets for it because they know they do not have to sign in to use it (because they are already signed in).

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Corneal dystrophy: Symptoms & clinical therapies

Corneal dystrophy is the presence of abnormality in the transparent cornea and is regarded as a genetic and often progressive eye disorder. It must be noted that corneal dystrophies in some individuals may not present any symptoms, while other patients may experience significant vision impairment over time.

Specific symptoms and the age of onset also varies by the type or form of corneal dystrophy and only an experienced ophthalmologist in Abu Dhabi would be able to track the disease through tests and clinical examination. Some of the anomalies are identical in the way they occur: it affects both eyes, progress is slow, no other body part is affected and it’s mostly hereditary.

International classification of the disease has been developed and this takes into consideration the chromosomal loci of various corneal dystrophies alongside genetic causes and mutation. The syndromes have been classified based upon clinical findings and the affected layer of the cornea. Advanced molecular genetics have led to greater understanding of the eye disease.

Symptoms of corneal dystrophy
Accumulation of a foreign body or an abnormal material within the cornea creates symptoms of corneal dystrophies. The cornea protects the eye from dust, germs and harmful or irritating material, as well as acting as an outermost lens.
When light is exposed to the cornea, it bends the rays into the inner lens, which is then directed to the retina, which then converts light into images which are further transmitted to the brain. For all this to happen, the cornea must be clear

The presence of a foreign material in any of the five corneal layers can result in disease. Over time, the material causes the cornea to lose its transparency, often leading to blurred vision or even blindness. A common symptom is recurrent corneal erosion, in which the outer layer of the cornea (epithelium) doesn’t stick properly to the eye.

In recurrent corneal erosion, a patient experiences severe pain, discomfort, abnormal sensitivity to light (photophobia), blurred vision and actual sensation of the foreign body (like dirt or an eyelash). If any of this occurs, consulting an ophthalmologist in Abu Dhabi is a must.

A routine eye examination can incidentally detect corneal dystrophy and positive analysis is confirmed after a detailed clinical examination. This includes the patient’s history and a variety of tests, such as a slit lamp examination performed by an ophthalmologist in Abu Dhabi through a special microscope (slit lamp). Particular corneal dystrophies are diagnosed through molecular genetic testing prior to development of the symptoms.

The treatment of corneal dystrophy varies according to the nature of the symptoms. Some patients show no signs and are termed as asymptomatic. Others who experience mild symptoms are regularly observed to detect the progression of the disease.

Specific treatments may include eye drops, laser therapy, ointments or corneal transplant in extreme cases. Recurrent corneal erosion is usually cured through lubricating eye drops, antibiotics, ointments or specialised (soft) contact lenses.
In case the recurrent erosion persists, corneal scraping or excimer laser therapy is performed to remove abnormalities from the surface of the cornea. The last straw is corneal transplant, also known as Keratoplasty, only in extreme cases of the disease.

Visit an ophthalmologist in Abu Dhabi today and make sure your eyes are healthy and without any signs or symptoms of corneal dystrophy.

Build A Remote Full Stack Team - Infographics

Overview on Adappt.co.uk:

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From Recruitment to Talent Acquisition: The War of Human Resources Management

Human resources management has changed a lot over the years. What started as an administrative function changed to human resources management which later gained momentum as human capital management which as the latest version is known as talent management. Whatever you call the function of people management- the art has to be learned well by the HR professional of today.

 An HR professional who has the right skills and human resources certificate to showcase can easily handle the roles of hiring, onboarding, pay rolling, salary, employee engagement, performance appraisal and exit of the employee. He/she can be crucial throughout the life cycle of the employees. Professional certifications help understand different functionalities of an HR professional such as:

Implementation of single-point control of the different aspect of the candidate relationship management:
  • Secure access to the private and confidential data of the employers, managers, and authorized agencies and partners
  • Reduction of compliance-related risks with different features and protocols involving adherence to directives of the local and national agencies for pre-employment and onboarding
  • Establish a funnel of global talent with passive candidates, networking contacts, active job seekers, internal candidates and employee referrals
  • Usage of social media and job posting sites in order to search for new talent or else leveraging dedicated recruitment specialist for the management of different aspects of the recruitment programs
  • Conduction of recruitment programs which is decentralized and multi-national with the management of status visibility of each of the openings 

Further, professional certifications such as a human resources certificate will take care of reducing the burden on the resources with optimization of the hiring speed by:

  • Finding candidates as soon as possible with the help of active as well as passive sourcing and usage of the integrated decision support services
  • Leveraging self-managed and flexible workflows for the simplification of hiring, recruitment, and onboarding for HR and the managers
  • Identification of the available talent with the implementation of the background check systems. Getting insights and refining of the different plans with one-click reports, data warehouse integration, and ad-hoc reporting tools
  • Integration and automation of the talent recruitment solution with functionalities of payroll and HR

The responsibilities of an HR include team building, coaching, leadership, performance management, communication, recruiting, training, compensation and benefits, and policy recommendation. They have to be accessible to the company as well as the employees for effective communication of one with another. The expectations of both the employees and the companies must match each other. The demands and the roles of the HR department are diversifying and a human resources certificate in the specialized domain will help build a career niche. There are different segmentations of the HR services in the multinational companies. Smaller organizations have a common HR designation for different specializations of HR generalist, HR specialist, HR director, and HR manager. There are other professional certifications available in the market as well which will help you develop the skill sets required to manage all the responsibilities in such organizations.