5 Tips to Make your Home Smell Nice

Do you want your house to smell fresh? Everyone does! Therefore, we’ve come up with some great ideas that you can implement to have your place smell nice and fresh. Not only will these tips help you have a fragrant house, but also you’ll get about some fantastic DIY cleaners. So let’s dive in


How about an amazingly useful ultra-sonic diffuser? The best thing about these diffusers is that they add up a little bit of moisture to the air, unlike the full-blown humidifiers. Moreover, these don't do it in a concentrated manner, but they help diffuse the scent through your home beautifully. 

All you need to do is, just fill them up with the water and add up to 10 drops of your favorite essential oil. Once you are done with that, turn it on and forget it. It will spread the scent all around your house.

Bath Tub

This idea would work just great while taking a bath. Have you heard of the term fragrant-bath? Frankly, there's no such thing. But still, you can have one by adding a few drops of essential oil to the bathtub. Here's the better way to do it. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or the mix directly into the bathtub before you even turn the water on. 

This will help the essential oil settle in. When the hot water and steam hit the essential oil, it's just spread the scent and makes you feel fresh. Not only it makes you feel good, but also your bathroom has that beautiful scent for quite many hours.

DIY Air Freshener

This idea would work just great while taking a bath. Have you heard of the term fragrant-bath? Frankly, there's no such thing. But still, you can have one by adding a few drops of essential oil to the bathtub. Here's the better way to do it. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or the mix directly into the bathtub before you even turn the water on.
This will help the essential oil settle in. When the hot water and steam hit the essential oil, it's just spread the scent and makes you feel fresh. Not only it makes you feel good, but also your bathroom has that beautiful smell for quite many hours.

All Purpose Cleaner

What if you happen to have a cleaner with a great smell? That's perfect obviously. So just get to it. Mix 2 cups of water, 1 tsp. of Dish soap and put 20 drops of essential oil. Add it all to the spray bottle and mix it well. You can use to clean the countertop and other stuff in the kitchen, and trust me; it works like a charm.

Soap Scum Buster

People just don't like to get messed with the soap scum, neither do they want to clean the shower. But it needs to be done for sure. So here's the solution! Just mix the equal parts of Vinegar and dish soap. Then add 10 drops of essential oil, the tea-tree flavor would work the best.

The reason why the reputable cleaning companies in UAE prefer this flavor is that it helps breakdown molds and mildew, which is common in the shower. So by doing that you are not only getting rid of that soap scum but also it helps you eradicate that nasty mold and mildew.


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What’s the best season for real estate sale?

You’ll come across many myths about the best time to put your property for sale in Sharjah but, each neighbourhood and home is different including present market situation. When asking a real estate agent, he’s likely to say yes so as to keep the business up and running however this approach isn’t practiced by professionals and world’s most acclaimed property companies. Follow the details to be confident on getting greatest return in shortest time.

Comparing Seasons


Not only a season of love and joy but also the best time to sell a home! Spring is considered prime because nearing summer holidays or holding Christmas celebrations before the season arrives. It’s also peak time for gardening as flora and fauna is in its full swing. Home with a well maintained and blooming lawn usually price well so keep it that way.


It has never been best season to market a property however state’s economy, demand and supply are considerable factors. Still, most families are away from their home during summer vacation so even if you did put up for a sale, chances are less or even no potential buyers. Market competition is near to zero, hence expect less profit.


Autumn maybe a good season, even if the weather’s mild, your home will look great. Besides, there aren’t any holidays to contend with so you’ll probably get a flock of purchasers. Be sure to make a swift decision if you find the right buyer as market competition and property cost drops to a significant level after October.


Winter, especially before Christmas is a tough season. This is because people are more concerned about forthcoming year and additional expenses. When listing a home in market during December, you’ll probably have to wait till January or February for buyers to show up!

Applicable grounds

As mentioned earlier, rules bend according to country’s economy and market competition so better research in detail. Let’s say you’re dealing with a property for sale in Sharjah, it’s likely to sell on profit as weather remains moderate throughout the year. Type of property is another concern such as there’s a vast difference with real estate in Sharjah to those in Europe or any other country

Seek your local council’s approval before selling as you don’t want to end up facing legal obstructions. Selling a house while major construction work going on nearby is unwise due to inconvenience of customers!

Are you ready to sell?

The answer is simple; don’t sell then! You must be well prepared both emotionally and physically as conducting trade in a stressful state is bound to fail, mostly! Take time to make your home look splendid and suitable for selling. No need to spend thousands on huge renovation but a little fix here, some polish there and changing broken toilet seats would do the job.

Being realistic

Buying or selling a home is a major decision that probably has a life-long impact so you shouldn’t make any hasty decisions. Be realistic and ready to do everything in your power to amass buyers! Choose agents carefully as not all are the same. Consider rent over buy if it’s more profitable.


Making a sound decision with property for sale in Sharjah would be much easier when you know the right time and a sound understanding of the market.

5 Fish Curries From Around the Country That Are an Absolute Delight

India is surrounded by water on three sides and that gives us a lot of sea food. Hence there is no surprise that there are a lot of fish lovers in our country. Well west Bengal and Orissa are famous for their hilsa fish and prawn preparations while the South-India is quite famous for its king fish and crabs, lobsters, etc.
If you too are a fish lover, then this article will make total sense to you. Many of us actually don’t prefer having fish and the main reason to it is the odour of sea food and the patience needed to deal with the fish bones. But the recipes that I am going to be talking about are an absolute delight and I am sure that even a fish non lover will absolutely love them.

1. Fish curry with lotus stem- this is an authentic Kashmiri dish that is widely consumed in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This recipe uses surmai fish fillets, ghee and cinnamon. This dish is taken right from India’s paradise and it tastes heavenly. Every fish lover has to try it out at least once.

2. Assamese fish curry- fish curry is not limited to the coasts of India, in fact it spreads right to the north eastern side of India too. This preparation uses rohu fish in a hot and spicy curry and a tangy marinade that is made with turmeric powder, fish masala, and mustard oil. All these spices blends together to give you a tasty fish curry that one cannot avoid.

3. Illishmacherjhol- this dish uses the famous hilsa fish in its preparation. It is the love of every Bengali and even non benaglis in this case. It is a very common preparation and is made in the house of ever Bengali. The tenderness of the fish makes it just melts in your mouth and the silvery appeal of the fish make it look quite unique. This is a must try for anyone who is visiting the state of Bengal.

4. Goan fish curry- this is made in the state of Goa and is eaten as a Goan delicacy. The specialty of this fish curry is the freshly made fish masala that is used in this curry. The masala is a mixture of coconut, garlic tamarind and garlic. This gives your mouth a spicy and tangy taste. This is much recommended and you should definitely give it a try on your visit to the state.

5. Doimach- this is another delicacy that has been picked out from the state of West Bengal. This curry uses yogurt in its preparation that gives it a very unique taste that is absolutely loved by all Bengalis. Because of the use of yogurt in the preparation, the curry tends to come out in a faded yellow shade. But that doesn’t compromise with its taste.

So, these were my personal favourite fish recipes that I have tried and I love a lot. I hope you like them too and give it a try soon.

Smart Saving While Renting Out Your Property

One of the strenuous tasks that owners of houses in Bangalore face is renting out their property. While it may add to the monthly income, there are several things you should keep in mind to ensure that you are not taken for a ride while renting out a house.

Firstly, it is essential that the owners are aware of and understand the tax implications on the property. Before renting out the property, the monthly rent should be fixed, keeping in mind the various tax deductions on the rent that you receive. If managed smartly, you can repay the house mortgage by the monthly earnings you receive from the tenant. It is crucial that you run a background check of the tenant, enquire about his financial status, and rent the property based on your judgement of the potential potent. A good way to find a suitable and verified tenant is by signing up on NestAway.

To keep score with increasing land prices, it also necessary that you increase the rent strategically every year, to have high ROI on the money that you invested in the property. To ensure that you don't end up shelling out more than the required amount later on, it is beneficial to invest in top-quality materials and services for the house before it has been occupied. This includes painting, plumbing, and electrical works for the house. It is also advisable to keep pictures of the condition of the house before the tenant moved in, so you can hold them accountable for any damages done to the house, and don't end up paying higher than usual in the course of repairing it.

A good way to save up as the owner of a furnished apartment on rent in Bangalore is to fix the monthly rent considering the price of the neighbourhood properties. You don't want to be losing out on the cash by not having conducted research about prices and house rents in your area. It is important that, after fixing your monthly rent, you choose a long-term tenant. A tenant who occupies your property on a long-term basis ensures that you don't lose out on rental amount during the process of one tenant moving out and finding another. To ensure that your income does not drop when a tenant moves out, you could consider renting the property out to multiple people, who could share the property as flatmates. Converting the property into a PG for girls in Bangalore India is also a smart way to keep the cash flow constant.

Even after a thorough background check, it is inevitable that the tenant does not pay his or her rent exactly on time each month. For late-rent deposits, you could charge a late fee, which not only ensures that the tenant is punctual in the future but also makes up for the delay in time.

Lastly, it is important that you have an account of every transaction between you and your tenant. This heightens transparency, helping you plan better and save more in the future.

5 Reasons: This Is Why Insurance Is Important

You may be wondering whether or not to get insurance. If you are, then you should continue reading below as this article will discuss some important points on how life insurance can benefit you and your loved ones.

While many Australians have already realized the great benefits of having the insurance, many are still skeptical and oblivious of how it can benefit them. How life insurance can benefit me? This question is almost always raised by people considering getting a life insurance, whether term or cash value insurance. This is completely natural as no person would want to invest his or her money for something that will not benefit him or her or the people he or she loves. To answer this question, let us discuss how life insurance can benefit you.

1. Life insurance is accessible – When your life insurance premium gets accumulated, you can access it through policy loan or withdrawal from family or business opportunities, education funding, retirement income, medical emergencies, or you may opt to pay policy premiums. This allows you to have a quick and safe access to cash without having the burden to borrow money from other people or to apply for a loan. Needless to say, this can help you get through tough financial times without having to deal with stressful process.

2. It serves as protection for your assets – When you pass away and you have life insurance, your financial dependents like your spouse or children need not to go thorough financial challenges. Life insurance serves as a financial back-up plan and can offset the impact of estate taxes in case of your death. Hence, if your loved ones greatly depend on you financially, you can be sure that they can be financially capable and independent through death benefit of your life insurance.

3. Easy access to the assets you accumulate – Another great benefit from getting the insurance is that you have access to the assets. If you have cash value life insurance, you can be certain that you have access to the assets you have acquired. Hence, if you have cash value insurance, you can be confident that the cash attached to it is guaranteed. In case your heirs encounter problems while claiming it, it can be easily resolved through genealogy research.

4. It ensures financial security for you and your financial dependents – It may sound morbid, but the reality is that when you pass away, your financial dependents like your family members may face financial challenges. Life insurance serves as their safety net as your death benefit will help them go through financial struggles. Furthermore, after paying for life insurance for decades, you will have different options when it comes to access your funds. You may opt to cash in the policy or convert it to an annuity to ensure lifetime income, or keep a portion of the death benefit and access some of its cash value.

5. It guarantees protected insurability – According to research genealogy professionals, one of the reasons why many people prefer cash value life insurance over term life insurance is because as long as the premiums are paid, coverage is ensured as long as the person lives. This means even if health status or personal situations change from the day the individual applied for insurance, coverage stays the same. This is one of the main reasons why it is advisable to get life insurance at a young age.

Undeniably, life insurance can provide you and your family different benefits. If you are now ready to get a insurance, it is a must that you choose an insurance company that has unquestionable record and reputation in order to ensure that you will get the best one possible.