What’s the best season for real estate sale?

You’ll come across many myths about the best time to put your property for sale in Sharjah but, each neighbourhood and home is different including present market situation. When asking a real estate agent, he’s likely to say yes so as to keep the business up and running however this approach isn’t practiced by professionals and world’s most acclaimed property companies. Follow the details to be confident on getting greatest return in shortest time.

Comparing Seasons


Not only a season of love and joy but also the best time to sell a home! Spring is considered prime because nearing summer holidays or holding Christmas celebrations before the season arrives. It’s also peak time for gardening as flora and fauna is in its full swing. Home with a well maintained and blooming lawn usually price well so keep it that way.


It has never been best season to market a property however state’s economy, demand and supply are considerable factors. Still, most families are away from their home during summer vacation so even if you did put up for a sale, chances are less or even no potential buyers. Market competition is near to zero, hence expect less profit.


Autumn maybe a good season, even if the weather’s mild, your home will look great. Besides, there aren’t any holidays to contend with so you’ll probably get a flock of purchasers. Be sure to make a swift decision if you find the right buyer as market competition and property cost drops to a significant level after October.


Winter, especially before Christmas is a tough season. This is because people are more concerned about forthcoming year and additional expenses. When listing a home in market during December, you’ll probably have to wait till January or February for buyers to show up!

Applicable grounds

As mentioned earlier, rules bend according to country’s economy and market competition so better research in detail. Let’s say you’re dealing with a property for sale in Sharjah, it’s likely to sell on profit as weather remains moderate throughout the year. Type of property is another concern such as there’s a vast difference with real estate in Sharjah to those in Europe or any other country

Seek your local council’s approval before selling as you don’t want to end up facing legal obstructions. Selling a house while major construction work going on nearby is unwise due to inconvenience of customers!

Are you ready to sell?

The answer is simple; don’t sell then! You must be well prepared both emotionally and physically as conducting trade in a stressful state is bound to fail, mostly! Take time to make your home look splendid and suitable for selling. No need to spend thousands on huge renovation but a little fix here, some polish there and changing broken toilet seats would do the job.

Being realistic

Buying or selling a home is a major decision that probably has a life-long impact so you shouldn’t make any hasty decisions. Be realistic and ready to do everything in your power to amass buyers! Choose agents carefully as not all are the same. Consider rent over buy if it’s more profitable.


Making a sound decision with property for sale in Sharjah would be much easier when you know the right time and a sound understanding of the market.