4 main duties of a Foreclosure defense Lawyer

Foreclosure lawsuits are rarely set in stone. Hiring an experienced lawyer for foreclosure defense early in the case gives you the best chance to win. The last thing you want to do is battle for your home in court without knowing all other options. Here are four immensely helpful things a Foreclosure Defense lawyer plantation can do for you.

1. Sets forward all your options:
A foreclosure defense lawyer knows the legal landscape better than you. His versatile experience and judgment will save you time, help you avoid pitfalls, and increase your chances of saving your home. Depending on your circumstances, your best course of action might be avoiding foreclosure via loss mitigation, modifying your loan file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or having your attorney to represent you in court outright. A vintage Foreclosure Defense lawyer plantation can help you understand the pros and cons of each option.

2. Represents you during conferences of Settlement Process:
If your state mandates settlement conferences, your lawyer can attend them in your place and negotiate with the bank’s attorney to save your home. The conference is an opportunity for both parties to reach an alternate solution that doesn’t requires foreclosure. Without having an attorney on your side, you’d have to contend with the bank’s attorney on your own time with limited scope of knowledge.

3. Helps you get a Loan Modification:
A loan modification adjusts the terms and conditions of your loan such that you can afford the payments. While modifying a loan is free, many homeowners can convince the bank to approve a modified loan without help from an attorney. The bank thereafter must review several key components of information about your income before making their decision. An experienced attorney can provide and present this detail in the best light to help you get approved for a new loan you can afford.

4. Helps you get Loss Mitigation:
Some of the loans carry loss mitigation options that give you an opportunity to stay current on your payments. Few lenders may withhold this option from you, and without an attorney on your side, you would likely have no idea that you could pursue this route. An attorney will not only let you know if loss mitigation is a valid option for you, but also help you choose between the many different ways you can formulate this option.

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