Online Marketing Trends in the Market Today

Online Marketing is a business function that is seeing rapid changes every single day. Although there is a ton of material on what it takes to be a successful digital marketer, there are actually very few that provide substantial digital marketing insights that add value to one’s knowledge on online marketing trends in the market today. Marketing in the present day and age has undergone a massive makeover, and it is not just about spending on Google Adwords or buying banner displays from third party websites, which are today considered archaic and outdated.

What matters now is cross platform and cross channel expertise. Digital Marketing today accurately measures and optimizes almost every dollar or online marketing spend of a business. The marketing investment opportunities are immense, and the returns on marketing investments are being increasingly measured and maximized.

Some of the most important marketing insights that have sprung up over the last few years, the online marketing trends, in fact, is the increased use of handheld devices and the proliferation of online commerce across the world. Almost every single country in the world today comprises a potential market for businesses online, and more and more companies are shifting their marketing budget channels from the traditional television and radio to new and innovative platforms such as Social Media, Online Video Advertising, and even mobile app advertising. Marketing investments are increasingly being shifted to these new platforms and for good reason too- they are generating Returns on marketing investments like never before!

The need of the hour is for Digital Marketing insights that will actually provide newer and more informed decision making on online advertising spends- and this is especially relevant in the online e-commerce community.

Having a digital marketing certification is a tremendous boost for those looking to make a career in this lucrative and fast growing industry. Online Marketing has already overtaken traditional marketing in terms of growth and outreach, and skilled and capable digital marketers are in short supply.

Having a special skillset such as PPC, social media or search optimization is no more just the qualifier for those looking for a high paced and successful career here. In fact, online marketing trends indicate that the leading technology employers in the world are now looking for potential hires who are credentialed in cross platform, technology and vendor neutral certifications. Alongside, they also need to have adequate creativity and analytical skills. This combination is by far the most sought after by the world’s largest and most important companies today.

Engaging the customer is the most important target, and it is clear from the latest online marketing insights and the latest online marketing trends that as new and more customer centric platforms and technologies go mainstream, the expectations from certified and credentialed digital marketing experts will rise manifold. The most important thing to remember, perhaps, is that digital marketers will have to increasingly be better equipped with expertise in creating a personalized customer experience, and creating more interactive advertising, since the average customer expects far more from their digital experiences today than ever before.

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17 January 2017 at 02:09 delete

Well written writer. I assume everyone may go along with you. Great share. I can say that by the end of 2018, spending on digital marketing will surpass the traditional method. Many companies have already done so.

11 February 2017 at 02:59 delete

very fresh and new information shared about marketing trends that is happening currently. really liked the way you have represented things.