The Rise of Offices for Lease

Leasing is a concept that was primarily used for agricultural land until the 18th and 19th century. In a lease, the lessee, the person who requires an asset(in this case a building) agrees to pay a certain amount to the lessor, the owner of the asset for having the ability to use it. This can be for a car, a building, property and even industrial and business equipment may be given for a lease. The lease is applicable for a specific fixed time, after which another negotiation must be done. 

The primary advantage of leasing is that the per month cost of leasing a particular property is generally much lesser than renting it outright. This is because a lump sum is given outright at the time of signing the lease. While this may seem to be a significant amount, it is much lesser than the cumulative monthly rental payments that would have been made in the case of a rental agreement. What does the lessee obtain in such a scenario? This lump sum is put into a bunch of investments or even in the bank and is allowed to accumulate interest, which will bring in some more passive income. At the end of the leasing period, the amount is usually returned to you in full. It is a win-win situation.

Also, the leasing period is generally more extended than in the case of renting. Leases may be for as long as 99 years or as in most cases, for 10 and 15 years.

Leasing for offices is extremely popular due to the ease with which the procedure can be done. You can find a semi furnished office space for lease online or through the traditional brokerage. Brokers, however, tend to charge a small percentage of the lease amount, which can be avoided in the case of online portals.

By having a fixed contract, you are guaranteed an office space. In the long term, it also works out cheaper, which is always conducive to the investors. Offices can be of various types: fully furnished, semi-furnished and unfurnished. An unfurnished office is very rare since companies generally want some of the essential amenities, such as air conditioning, lighting and some basic furniture and decor. This falls under the semi-furnished category. As a result, semi furnished offices are most popular.

A fully furnished office is where all amenities are included. This includes complete carpeting, furniture, including conference tables, round tables, plush chairs, cubicles, lighting, air conditioning and other facilities. A fully furnished office will have everything already set in place and is ready to move in. If you are not too bothered with finding the perfect layout and setting for your office, going for a fully furnished one is a good idea.

If you want to modify the space as per your exact requirements, then an office space semi furnished is your best bet. You can choose your type of decor and make any visual changes as needed, and this is more suited for startups and design based enterprises, which do not want the standard corporate look in their offices.

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