The bible on Canadian Experience Class Program

There are many people who want to make their life in a new country and get the best out of their life in the amazing country of Canada. The superb country, combined with its friendly people and mesmerizing natural wonders, can make anyone to wish for a home there. This also comes with an added advantage of all the benefits that you get in the country in terms of high quality of education and social security. If you are getting excited about the same and want to know the best route to make it abroad, then you need to know about the Canadian Experience Class Program.

What is the program all about?

The program called Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a category of immigration that is reserved for Canada’s foreign workers who are willing to become the permanent residents of the country. Anyone who thinks can keep contributing to the economy of the country by being there can try for this program and can take a decisive step forward towards becoming a citizen of Canada.
This program favors the temporary foreign workers in Canada since they are considered ideal owing to their previous job experience and contribution to the Canadian economy. Since these people have already worked in the country, they are far better accustomed to the culture of the country and can understand the culture better than any other outsider. This is the reason why the inclination of approval of permanent residence is towards the temporary workers form other countries. Their already formed networks and connect with the community helps in better assimilation in the society.

Requirements for CEC program

In case you are willing to apply for the CEC program for getting permanent residence, then you need to arrange at least for the following documents.
·         You must have attained at least 1 year of professional, skilled or technical experience in Canada within 36 months of your application date
·         You must surpass or at least meet a CLB, i.e. Canadian Language Benchmark, of 5 or 7. It depends on the nature of your job as well
·         You must plan to live as well as work out of Quebec region. For people having job experience in Quebec, they can apply for the Quebec Experience Class program
The application for CEC program can be made while being inside Canada. However, if you are not in Canada during the application process, still the application can be made. The minimum requirements have to be met, or else your application stands failed.

International students

The international graduates find the CEC program to be the easiest route to getting the permanent residence in Canada. Since many students do go ahead for a 1-year work stint during the course of study itself, the work experience counts for the application process and it helps to accelerate the process.

In case you are looking forward to make a life in Canada and want to minimize the Canadian experience class processing time, then get your documents ready, your requirements sorted and your application submitted. The dream life in Canada is not far away.


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