Online Proctoring Or Not – What To Consider And Why?

Considering that you are familiar with the terms like proctoring and non-proctoring terms related to assessments, let’s understand what is best sort – proctored or non-proctored assessments? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both proctoring and non-proctoring assessments? But before we learn more about that let’s go back to the basics and know what are online proctored exams

What Are Online Proctored Exams And What Are Online Examination Sites?

Proctored exams are the ones taken under a supervision of a proctor or a supervisor. When the same exams are taken online remotely from your home or office under a supervision of a proctor through web cams and other technologies, it is called online proctored exams.

Online examination sites are the sites that have collaborated with the universities or institutes to offer online proctored exams. These sites are independent bodies and have their own proctors and security norms that need to be followed in order to successfully give the online proctored exams. Now the question – how to select these online examination sites? Simply, log in to the net and search for online examination sites near your area. Once you have got the results, select and click on the one that you feel is the best suited to your needs and follow the instructions.

Online Proctored Exams – Advantages And Disadvantages

Now that we know about online proctored exams and online examination sites, let’s find out about the advantages and disadvantages of online proctored exams.

Advantages Of Online Test Proctoring:  There are numerous benefits of online proctored exams as the experts will tell you, here we are listing the three most important ones.

1.                  One of the biggest advantage of online proctored exam is that examinee can take the exam from the comfort of his home or office, which saves big time on money and time.   
2.                  Another advantage is that a proctor for the exam can also be in some remote place and proctoring the exam from there.
3.                  Here’s another advantage for online proctored exams and that is – less or reduced chances of bribing a proctor as the identity is not revealed.

Disadvantages Of Online Proctored Exams: While you may think what can possible the disadvantages of online proctored but just like everything else online proctored exams also have its disadvantages as well.

1.                  The anxiety levels during exams differ from person to person. So while one person is comfortable in front of camera while others can be quite conscious about it. 

2.                  Some of you may not react well to the restricted body and eye movement. Oh yes, you can’t stretch or look away from the screen regularly or your exam may be cancelled.

3.                  You have to continuously look in to the camera as prolonged eye movement away from the screen can lead to even exam cancellation in extreme cases, as the proctor may suspect something suspicious. You may though take some rest in the middle of a proctored exam.

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