What are the rituals that are done at the wedding of Punjabi or Sikh people?

Punjabi wedding or Sikh wedding is the most beautiful marriage that can be seen. The Punjabi or Sikh wedding is referred to as Anand Karaj. Marriage Bureau in Delhi NCR is the best marriage bureau. People can easily take their help to find the bride and grooms.

There are so many rituals that take place before and after the Anand Karaj. Some of the rituals that are done in Punjabi wedding are mentioned below:

  1. Rokka: Rokka is the first pre-wedding ritual. This is the ritual in which both the families meet each other and make the match of their children. In simple words, this is the ritual in which marriage ceremonies are to be fixed.
  2. Shagun: This is a ritual in which the mother-in-law of the bride and groom shower the couple with so many gifts, jewellery, money, dresses etc. this ritual is known as Shagun because this ritual officially declares that the couple is going to get married.
  3. Mangini: This is a ritual in which the bride and groom wear rings in the left hand’s ring figure. This ritual or ceremony is full of fun and enjoyment because people dance and sing a lot to show their happiness.
  4. Mehndi/Sangeet: This is a ritual in which people dance on DJ’s and sing songs. On the other hand, Mehndi comes from the groom’s house and is applied to the hands of the bride. Mehndi is applied on the hands of both groom and bride.
  5. Jaggo: In Sikh/Punjabi people Jaggo is a ritual that is held during the wedding ceremonies. This is a ritual in which all the family members gather and do giddha and bhangra on boliyan. This is the most beautiful ritual of a Punjabi/Sikh wedding. Therefore, oil is collected in the pot carried by one of the family members.

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  6. Vatna: This is a ritual in which haldi is applied to bride and groom. This is a ritual that takes place on the same day as the wedding. This ceremony is followed by Anand Karaj. In Anand Karaj, both the bride and groom take Lavan round the Gurbani. Three lavan are taken and after that Anand Karaj ceremony is over.
  7. Viddai: Viddai is a tradition of sending bride to groom’s house. When the bride is going to the groom’s house all her family members, friends and relatives give her a tearful goodbye.
  8. Welcoming of the bride: After reaching the groom’s house the bride is welcomed by her mother-in-law. She welcomes the bride by putting oil on the corners of the door.
  9. Reception ceremony: This is an after-wedding party that is given by the groom’s family to their relatives in the happiness of the wedding.
  10. Pag Phere: This is a ritual in Hindu and Sikh wedding. On the fourth day, after the wedding, the bride is invited by her parents to a small house party.

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