Popular Japanese foods that you can order from Japanese Restaurants in Singapore

Japanese food is among the most popular across the globe and for some authentic reasons. The Japanese cuisine is based on using the 5 elements or “rules of 5” to make perfect balance for the diet. The five elements will include colors like red, white, black, green and yellow and five cooking methods namely boiling, frying, grilling, steaming and raw food and five flavors in spicy, salty, sweet, sour and bitter.  You will find the balance perfectly mixed when you visit Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

Another aspect of the Japanese food is its presentation and you will find them in all the meals that are served. The restaurants pay high emphasize on quality material that are excellent seasonal ingredients and farm fresh. This is the reason why Japanese food is highly acclaimed by food connoisseurs around the world and why you should be sampling it.  Here we present some of the top Japanese recipes that are regular but exceptionally cooked and served:

This is the most popular food to originate from Japan and it is a mixture of rice and fermented fish. The Japanese restaurants of the contemporary prepare them with vinegared rice and freshly caught fish. You will find several forms of Sushi which will vary with restaurant to restaurant.

This is a delightful mixture of seafood, fried fish or vegetables. With this dish the ingredients are cut perfectly while using freezing cold batter and extremely hot oil for deep frying. Each piece is crisp for the bite and sometimes a dipping sauce is used for eating Tempura. Flavored salt is used in kyoto and Osaka regions.

This is a chicken preparation and bites of chicken pieces are grilled in skewer. In this food you will find that every part of the foul is used. This food originates from the 17th century and is very traditional.

Miso soup
This is an accompaniment of every Japanese traditional meal. It may look deceptively simple and it is a combination of fish or kelp stock and mixed with bean paste to add the savory umami constituent. The soup can be added with fish, green onions, tofu, pork, clam and seasonal ingredients.

Fat chewy noodles made up with wheat flour are called Udon in Japan. This is the most popular food item in Japan and it is inexpensive, but deliciously tasty. The noodles are versatile in producing many form and taste and can be consumed either hot or cold. With Udon you can have several types of toppings and you have three top noodles in Japan coming from three important regions.

Tsukemono pickles
These are traditional pickles that are compulsorily served in Japanese Restaurants in Singapore. The item exists from pre-historic era and the ingredients used to make them would include radish, daikon radish, eggplant, and ume plum fruit. The pickles have great visual appeal and it is extremely healthy.

These are just traditional Japanese food that are very popular but the restaurants may present different forms of them and also some new dishes that are invented latest. In Singapore you can eat or order your choice Japanese food and you can view the source and the top menus on ourfoodchannel.

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