Sharpen your skills with ICF mentor coaching to become professional video maker

If you are in the sphere of marketing then you must be aware of the term “mentor”. If you are new to the word, a mentor is an individual who will guide an inexperienced or less experienced person in the particular field and will build trust and confidence. A mentor or a mentor coaching program will understand the shortcomings of the mentee and accordingly tuned in to teach, engage, and guide the trained through appropriate steps. The mentee can certainly depend on the coaching skills of the mentor and expect to become an expert like the coach.

What role a mentor plays in converting mentee in to expert?
A mentor will share his/her knowledge, resources and advice with the mentee depending on the goals of a particular mentoring engagement. The mentor will share experience that was gained through years, and guide the mentee with strategies. The mentor will also motivate the student and provide emotional support and act as a role model. A good mentor will share his knowledge, knowledge and expertise with the mentee and will be always willing to teach. The mentor will intervene when you make mistakes and correct them so you don’t repeat them.

Can mentor coaching be availed online?
Yes, mentor coaching can be availed online from expert coaches who coach business coaches. The coaching will be in video format and loaded online to be downloaded by a mentee. The video will be comprehensive in all department of video making and will address every step that is related to film making in the professional way. There is a hgue difference between amateurish videography and professional, and the ICF mentor coaching aims to bring the professionalism in you. The video can be self tutoring or interactive with the mentor and either way it will be easy for you to follow and learn.

Benefits of online coaching on video making
  • You don’t need to engage a coach or mentor in person as it will be a costly decision
  • Not everyone can afford a personal trainer such as a video coach or mentor
  • The video will be always there to guide you and show the tricks of the professional video making. You can refer it as many time as you like which may not be possible with a coaching class.
  • You can learn the art of professional video making in a laid back way. The video being available online can be watched anytime of the day or night. You can also fix schedules of your daily routine accordingly and follow.
  • You can undergo training with utmost privacy as you will be learning the art under your own roof and in your drawing or living room sitting in front of a PC or smartphone.
ICF mentor coaching is provided online by Rene Estes, renowned mentor and coach for business coaches. She is well traveled and well experienced in the art of making professional videos made for commercial promotion. You can contact her on phone number 970-825-4387.

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