Tips for Families Visiting Orlando with Playful Toddlers

For families eyeing vacation with kids, Orlando is a much sought after destination. From Disney theme parks to numerous shopping zones and amazing nocturnal events- it has something for every kind of traveler. However, traveling Orlando with kids can be a tad challenging. Not only you need to find suitable accommodation with facilities for the toddlers and adults- you also need to plan your tour itinerary well.  

Things you need to plan before the trip
There are a number of things that you need to plan in advance if a tour in Orlando with the kids is on the cards. This will help you save on cost and evade hassles to an extent too.

Strollers- You will do better to leave the strollers at home as it will keep baggage weight on lower side. You may buy a low cost stroller just for the trip or else you can try out the Orlando stroller rentals.

What to pack- To ensure the kids stay in god shape as you hop on the various rides and explore the theme parks in Orlando, do not forget to pack in the essentials. These include bathing suits, sunscreen cream or lotion, water bottle, hand sanitizer and wipes, raincoats. 

Accommodation- You have to zero in on the right accommodation after scouring through the vacation villas in Orlando Florida. The top villas have all amenities you require for toddlers of varying ages. You will also get more privacy than typical hotels- as it is.

Food choices- While in the most sightseeing places in Orlando, you get plenty of options to eat, you may choose to carry foods and beverages for your toddlers. The good thing is some of the popular theme parks will allow you to bring own food. 

Use the apps to your benefit
To ensure you can enjoy the vacation with the kids, utilize the apps once you are in Orlando. The Visit Orlando free app can be used. It will make it easy for you to navigate like a pro, along with the kids in tow. With a little effort, you can find the vacation villas in Orlando Florida that are located close to the major attractions. It is useful if your kids detest traveling a lot. Moreover, you will get to know about available discounts at major theme parks. 

Make things convenient for the kids
Not all kids have the patience to wait in queues for long like their parents or older siblings! That is why you need to use the Fast Pass and Express passes. At the Walt Disney World theme parks, you can avail the former and ensure your family can bypass long queues. You can book the ride times in advance, up to 30 days. The Universal Express Pass is not free but then it does not bind you to any time frame. 

To ensure everything goes smooth, look for the vacation villas in Orlando Florida well in advance of the tour. In peak seasons, finding suitable family villas may be tough. 

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