A concise guide to Maintain and Clean a Marble Surface

Know your marble at first. Marble is the most porous than other common countertop materials like engineered stone or else some soapstone, so it can be prone to staining and etching easily. You’ll be needing to clean and seal yours regularly than ever before. Let us consider some of the common methods.

1. Prevention is the key. Whatever marble you have at your homes, the idea is really good to repeat the process of sealing every few months. sealants don’t make the stone stain-proof but they do make it more resistant to stain, says the Marble Institute. This provides you bit more time to get to big spills. Check with whoever supplied your marble for their recommendations on the right marble cleaning products      to use. Since it is better to be late than sorry, so for marble floors, tea and coffee tables, and other high-traffic surfaces, invest in some furniture pads and some coasters.

2. Routine cleaning. For spills you catch quickly, warm, soapy water can be used as the best stone care products. Just ensure to rinse well, sop up the standing water, and thoroughly dry and rinse the surface. Also note that for marble, acid is kryptonite—so do your best to keep things like wine and lime juice, or any other cleaner that contains lime, away from the marble surface. And in case they do spill, just tend to them as quickly as possible. Start with a dust mop for floors made up of marbles.

3. Remove pesky stains. For daily organic food stains, it is recommended to clean with a solution of 12% hydrogen peroxide with added drops of ammonia. If any thing oily gets spilled, like a vinaigrette, and the stain has set hard, attack it with a liquid cleanser that Is made up of household detergent, mineral spirits, or acetone.

4. Correct etching. For regular water spots and light scratches, try to buff your marble with dry and steel wool. Anything deeper than the normal surface level scratches will require hiring a professional. so if you left a lemon out on the counter and now it's both etched and got a stain, make use of the above recommendations to take care of it.

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