Advancements of medical science in aiding mankind

Medical science is that important portion of science which is involved with the maintenance of health of mankind as well as prevention and treatment of diseases of them. Humans are considered to be very much concerned with his own and other’s well being. From the ages, the medical researchers, scientists and practitioners have been constantly thriving to know about every problem that can a human body have and also tying their best to protect humans from the mal-effects of those. Might be a digestive disorder or a sudden injury or even the cervical disorders, medical science is there to hold the back of humans.

What is cervical decompression?
One of the main function of the cervical section is to support the neck and if any structure is pressurizing the nerves in the neck, an irritation can occur in humans and the cervical decompression is the procedure to remove those structures compressing the nerves in the neck. During this surgery, a small section of the bone that is compressing the nerve root is removed and this reduces the immense pressure and allows the nerve root to get healed. Though sometimes it is possible that the several fragments of materials from the spine are stored under the nerve root causing the irritation and they are removed during cervical decompression surgery.

Process of the surgery
If anyone is suffering from arm pain or neck pain due to any degenerative condition, a herniated disc or an injury to the spine and visits the doctors, chances are high for the doctors to suggest the cervical decompression treatment in India with or without the fusion surgery (it corrects the instability by permanently joining the vertebrae together to prevent them from moving). Firstly, this procedure decompresses the injured area by removing the damaged disc or releasing the pinched nerve. Then into the cleaned space, a bone graft is added. Finally, when the vertebrae are fused together, this procedure results in elimination of excessive movement of the damaged vertebrae and caused a significant reduction in associated pain. Sometimes an incision is made in the front of the patient’s neck as sometimes it gets difficult to enter through the back due to being more obstructed by muscle, tissue and nerves. Most patients can go home the same day of surgery for anterior decompression and fusion, while others need to stay 2 or 3 days in the hospitals.

Factors to consider
As cervical decompression includes many common surgical procedures performed by spine surgeons, complications may occur anywhere during the process. The common issues include anesthesia and positioning problem, bone grafting issues, infection, cervical traction, CSF leak or any kind of nerve injuries etc. which can be treated easily with proper doctorial guidance. Physiotherapies can be tested for the cure before going for the surgery.

Despite some common complications which can be treated easily, keeping the high success rates of this surgery with an affordable cervical treatment cost in India in mind, one can easily opt for this surgery but if prescribed by doctors only.

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