How Do You Recognise Genuine Diamond Jewellery?

Diamonds are a rare delicacy, gifting a diamond is one of the sign to show your commitment. A diamond ring is only given when two persons are fully ready to commit and are confident that their relationship is strong and sparkling like a diamond. Such a diamond has to be a real one, as fake and real look very alike, one has to be careful while buying.

These rare stones are found very deep in the earth's core. They have to be dug out of the mines which are located in pits of the earth, out of which only half can be turned into valuable diamonds to make the diamond jewelry. There is a vast market out; however, how can one know that the diamond being bought is a real one.

As the real diamonds are very rare it is obvious that the diamond jewelry is costly. You have to be one hundred percent sure that the jewelry you are buying is a genuine one.

Here are some tips by which you can know that the diamond jewelry you are buying is genuine.

• Reaction to mouth heat
Hold the diamond in the front of the mouth, blow the mouth fog on the diamond. The real diamond will remain the same, whereas a duplicate will turn foggy.

• Real diamond needs real metal, see the stamping
A real diamond needs real genuine metal to hold it. So look for the trademark underneath the jewelry. A real diamond is always studded in a real gold or platinum metal; no fake or light metal can hold the diamond, so see the gold or platinum mark under the jewelry.

• Check for rainbow reflections; real diamond has shades of grey
When you look from the top of a real diamond to the tip of it, shades of grey appear, whereas in any other fake diamond a rainbow appears in the tip of the diamond when you look from the top.

• Water sinking test
A real diamond is the hardest material on the earth, cannot be broken, and to mend it in the shape a very high temperature is needed. The real diamond is heavier than a fake one. If you take two diamonds, one fake and one real of same shape and size and put them in a glass of water, the real diamond will immediately sink. Whereas the fake diamond will float on the surface of the water.

• Ask for certification
Always buy any diamond from an official store and insist on getting a certificate of authenticity for the diamonds. The genuine shops do give such certificate that is authorized by the expert. The certificate contains all the information about the diamond, like clarity, carat, weight, etc.

These were some tips which can help you to detect the real diamond. You have to be careful while buying the diamond jewelry as it can be a good investment too. A diamond ring, set or even a pendant can make you look elite.

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